Ink is Torrie McLean’s first novel, first published in 2014 and re-released in 2016.

Life on the MC frontline isn’t all bikes, booze and broads, especially for one of the most notorious Fallen Brothers. Even in the tiny town of Haven, Nevada, it can be beatings, blood and even bullets. And for Colton Greene, that’s more than reason enough to keep his personal life on lockdown. In his mind, letting someone in only makes them a target and gives him a weakness. And he’s probably right.

But if one person can get under the biker’s skin, it’s bound to be his pretty little tattooist – saving a man’s life will do that.

Surviving on her own since she was sixteen has made pretty little Callie Delaney tougher than she looks and, while she learned early in life that few people – even family – are worth trusting, there’s still a soft heart underneath the bravado. Too bad she’s spoken for. And, unknown to the club, by none other than their hotshot lawyer.

Bikers don’t trust lawyers, but sometimes letting them close is a necessary evil. Betrayal once makes for a swift life lesson. There can’t be a second time.

But, with the club still living under the shadow of past indiscretions, is history destined to repeat itself?

For Callie, those MC ties could mean a life of trust and loyalty – or, thanks to someone else’s betrayal, suspicion and death. It’s ultimately Colton’s choice. Keep her close … or cut her loose.




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