Torrie McLean is an Irish writer who loves celebrating storytelling whether it’s true life or fiction, in books or on screen. She doesn’t so much write stories as she just gets dragged along for the ride by the characters who live in her head.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” – Anton Chekhov

She tries to write what she loves to read and says: “A book’s got to hook me, but then it’s got to reel me in and captivate me. I love vivid worlds I can practically see spilling out in front of me and characters that, whether heroes or villains, make me care about them. I want to love to hate a bad guy, I want to root for the good guy. The only thing I can’t stand is indifference. Anything I read has to make me feel something.

“Different genres and different books bring different expectations, but depending on my current choice, I want the shivers down my spine or the breathless anticipation. The tears or the goofy grin. I love the books that leave you an emotional wreck or those that have you flying high.

“No cardboard cut-out characters, no plodding predictability and no guarantees – that’s all I ask. I don’t see the point getting invested when all trace of urgency is gone and the outcome has an overwhelming sense of inevitability.

“A tale well told. That’s all I ask.”


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